odicodi korea natural plant extract hair dye tube type No hair damage

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odicodi korea natural plant extract hair dye tube type No hair damage

Features and Specifications:

 Natural Brown, Dark Brown

Feature :

Korea Natural mulberry extract 70%
Can dye in 5~50 minutes, Very Speedy, Simple
No Ammonia, No Heavy Metal
No Scalpstimulating, No Hair damage
Shampoo type
Tube Type

How to Dye :
Mix 1:1 Pouch No.1 with Pouch No.2
Apply to Hair
Wait 5~50 minutes
Wash your Hair with Water

Model: Odicodi Gold SU& (Tube1 x 40g, Tube2 x 40g) X 2 Box
Brand Name: Kwangduk, Made in Korea, Seoul


jumiss odicodi hair dye

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