Wireless Service Calling Systems 10 Small Pagers + 3 ID Display Receiver

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Have you ever been in a restaurant where you are ready to place your order,

but you can’t find waiter or waitless anywhere ?

This Linkman wireless waiter/server call paging system is gonna solve your problem.
Increase sales and improve service with easy to install plug & play and low maintenance.

Tea or coffee house, spas and salons, health and fitness Clubs, restaurants, hotel conference rooms, executive dining rooms, Saloon, nightclubs, bowling alleys, massages house, churches, casinos, golf and country clubs, hospitals, health clubs, and offices




The Transmitter Bell:
For restaurant use, this wireless transmitter bells are typically placed on or attached to each table. When a guest wants his or her server, he/she presses the button of a service bell, which sends a signal to the central receiver. The Receiver displays numbers, usually table numbers, which the guest has sent, and flashes briefly and beep sounds to indicate that a new call has been received.

Model : LM-T200F
Design and Made in Korea
Color : Brown(Default), White
Frequency: FM447Mhz
Service Coverage : 50 ~ 100 meter (164 ~ 328 ft)
Power : Battery CR2025 x 1 ( Approx 1.5 Year , Battery include)
Dimension : 55W x 38D x 8H mm / 15grams

The Receiver:

Is a control terminal that can be located at a waiter station, in the kitchen, at the host’s desk, or wherever else may be convenient. This device can optionally sound an alert notifying that a call has been received, and it will display the number of the call bell, which in restaurants is usually coordinated with the table number, requesting service.

Model : LM-D302NF + Manual + AC/DC Adapter
               + US/Canada AC Plug Type Converter
Design and Made in Korea
Service Coverage : 50 ~ 100 meter (164 ~ 328 ft)
Display : Display Three groups of two-digit, 2.3 inch & 1.5 inch FND
                A,b,C,d,E,F,G,H,I, j,L,n,o,P,q,r,S,t,U,v,0~9 => 01 ~ 99, A1, b9, F1….
Power : AC100~240V, Cord Type  A and C 
                (US, CANADA, Japan, Germany, Swiss, Israel, Italy … )
Melody: 1: ding-dong, 2: ding-dong-ding-dong , 3: Chime bell,
                 4:ding-dong-dang-dong, 5: Cuckoo’s notes
                 6: Police Siren, 7: Ambulance Siren, 8: Fire truck Siren, 
                9: Lowing, 10: Cock crows
                11:  이모, 12: 사장님,  13: 어서오십시요, 
                14: 안녕히 가십시오, 15: 감사합니다.
Dimension : 223W x 118L x 32H mm / 410 grams
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