TRAST Plaster Pain Relief Patch Piroxicam SK Chemical 48 HRS

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The world’s first patch formulation to exhibit both anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

Observable potent therapeutic efficacy without systemic side effects owing to local delivery 

of active ingredient from patch to lesion via skin layer.


Indicated for the effective management of arthritis, myalgia, tennis elbow, and golfer’s elbow.


Model: Trast Plaster Pain Relieving Relief Patch 

Composition:  48Hours Effect  

                       Apply one patch to the lesion every two days.

Piroxicam 48 mg, 71x 54mm Oval shape

Design and Made by SK Chemical


  1.    If you have a hard time removing a patch after 48 Hours later, 
  2.    soak the area in warm water  while taking a bath for shower 
  3.    until the patch becomes easier to peel off.

Piroxicam is the most potent NSAID prescribed.

  1. It is about 200 times more powerful than Aspirin. 
  2. 1. Trast is the first patch formulation in the world for the treatment of arthritis.
  3. With release rate controller and penetration enhancer,it controls release rate and 
  4. skin penetration so as to maintain effective concentration at the site of action for up to 48 hours.
  6. 2. Trast has potent anti-inflammatory effect.
  7. Piroxicam is the most potent NSAID prescribed. It is about 200 times more powerful than Aspirin.
  9. 3. Trast patch uses specially designed polyurethane. Polyurethane has the properties of being 
  10. water-proof, of allowing perspiration to escape and of being permeable to oxygen. 
  11. So it enables the skin to breathe while minimizing skin irritation.

< Precautions >


1.This product should not be administered to the following patients.
 1) Patients who ever showed hypersensitivity to this product or any ingredient of this product.
 2) Patients with aspirin asthma (asthmatic attack by non-steroidal analgesic or anti-inflammatory drug) or
     the history of the disease. (They may have asthmatic attack.)
2.This product should be carefully administered to the following patients.
 1) Patients with bronchial asthma. (They may have asthmatic attack.)
 2) Patients under medical treatment.
3.Adverse reactions
 1) In rare cases, anaphylactic symptoms (hives, dyspnea, facial edema, etc.) may occur. Therefore,
     if such symptoms occur, stop use of this product.
 2) Asthmatic attack may occur. If early symptoms, such as rhonchus, stridulous,
     or dyspnea, occur, immediately stop use of this product. Such asthmatic attack may occur in a
     few hours after administration of this product.
 3) Skin: Pigmentation, xeroderma, and contact dermatitis, such as flare, eruptive, itch, bleb,
     maceration, irritation, and swelling, may occur. In addition, the direct ray of light (ultraviolet ray)
     may cause photosensitization disease and the whole body may have rashes.
     Stop use of this product, if such symptoms are severe.
4.General precautions
 1) Use of analgesic anti-inflammatory drug is not a causal treatment, but a symptomatic therapy.
 2) This product may cause inapparent skin infection. Therefore, if used for treatment of inflammation
     caused by infection, be sure to use appropriate antibiotics or anti-fungal agents at the same time
     and to observe carefully if there are any adverse reactions.
 3) If this product is used for treatment of chronic diseases (such as degenerative arthritis (osteoarthritis),
     consider other treatment method rather than drug therapy. In addition, be sure to observe carefully
     the patients if there are any adverse reactions.
 4) If there is no improvement when used for about 1 week, stop use of this product and
     consult the doctor or pharmacist.
5.Pregnant or nursing women

 1) When this product was orally administered to rats at the late stage of pregnancy, contraction

     of fetal arterial blood vessel was reported.
 2) Administration of this product at the late stage of pregnancy (oral, injection, or rectal infusion)
     was reported to result in continuous fetal circulation and fetal renal insufficiency.
 3) Safety in pregnant and nursing women has not been established. So, massive or broad use of
     this product for long-term period should be avoided for pregnant, gestational, and nursing women.
6.Pediatric use

   Safety in premature babies, newborn babies, infants, and young children has not been established

   (only a few clinical cases).

 1) Do not use this product to eyes or mucous membrane.
 2) Administration of this product to damaged skin, mucous membrane, eczema, or eruption may result
     in temporary irritation or numbing.
 3) Do not use this product for treatment of athlete’s foot or tinea.
 4) Do not use this product in the occlusive dressing manner.

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