CareSens N NFC Diabetic Blood Glucose Monitoring System

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Model: CareSens N – NFC Blood Glucose Monitoring System Package    FDA, CE, SFDA

( Include: Caresens N NFC Meter + Blood Glucose Test Strips_Expire May 2018 or More X10 Sheets  + Lancing device + Lancet X 10 + Carrying case + Battery + Korean Manual )

 The Smartest and Newest of all i-SENS’ meters, CareSens N NFC, is a device equipped with a Near Field Communication (NFC) function, so blood glucose level readings can be transferred wirelessely to Smart phone.

NFC function can be used by installing a free web or mobile application called ‘SmartLog’, which has been developed for the Diabetes Management Software.

* CareSens N strips. (Affordable and disposable stirps that don’t require coding, which can speed up the testing process)

Size: 93 x 47 x 15 (mm)

Weight: 51.5g (battery included)



  • 0.5㎕ / 5 seconds
  • 20-600mg/dL (only mg/dL)
  • No coding required
  • Hypoglycemia indicator
  • Strip expiration date indicator
  • 1, 7, 14, 30, 90-day test averages [total, pre-meal and post-meal]
  • Post-meal flagging
  • 4 alarms [PP2* and 3-time set alarms]
    *2 hours after meal
  •   NFC [Near Field Communication] & Data port


Design and Made by i-SENS, Korea South

Caresens N Brochures : click

Caresens N User manual : click

Caresens N Quick guide : click







  • ABOUT i-SENS, Korea

The Realization of Technology to Improve Human Healthi-SENS has the vision of the realization of technology to improve human health.
Through its cutting edge biosensor and electrochemistry technology, i-SENS develops, produces and distributes products in order to improve human health.

Through its patent coverage and research power stemming from the work of Dr. Cha and Dr. Nam in the field of biosensor technology, i-SENS continuously develops and launches new and innovative products into the world market.

Vision of i-SENS
Through Electrochemistry Technology, i-SENS Possesses Original Biosensor Technology
From its start in 2000 in electrochemistry, i-SENS has successfully developed blood glucose monitoring systems, electrolyte and gas analyzers, and immunosensors and launched those products successfully in places from its home market in Korea to worldwide markets including the US, Japan, Europe and many others.

i-SENS’s CareSens blood glucose monitoring system line, through its small sample size and quick test time, has been receiving recognition from its users for its high quality and ease-of

-use. From the initial launch with CareSens I to its latest product CareSens N, which includes proprietary auto-coding technology, CareSens has been taking its place as one of the top products in the world. In 2009, i-SENS received the Frost & Sullivan “2009 Asia Pacific Excellence in Healthcare Award” for its proprietary auto-coding technology.

i-SENS strives to keep its high quality products through its world class production facility and ever-growing export business.
i-Smart 30, i-SENS’s electrolyte analyzer based on micro-sensor technology, is a step ahead of its competitors though its all-inclusive closed system cartridge, accuracy, and ease-of-use i-SENS continues to look to the future with its continued development of the its immunosensor and blood gas analyzer and looks to launch these revolutionary products in the near future.

















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