chamsori gramophone & edison science museum, Korea

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Charmsori Gramophone & Edison Science Museum founded by Son Seongmok is the largest gramophone museum in the world. It has a collection of 4,500 phonographs, 150,000 phonograph records, 1,000 books, and 5,000 items from 20 nations.
1) World of Sound: The place for history of Sound. It displays gothic and renaissance organs, music boxes, radios and record players.
2) World of Image: The place for silent films and biography films of masterminds and Edison. It displays Edison projectors and televisions, especially one made by Baird, John Logie (1888.8.13 ~ 1946.6.14) in 1925.
3) World of Light: Displays items from Gas lamps to the original light bulb that Edison made, an electric generator of those days, the bamboo filament light bulb and the first wall-attached electric lamp. The wall-attached electric lamp is the part of the collection that was successfully accepted at Sotheby’s auction in 1992.
4) Edison Invention Hall: Displays 850 inventions of Edison’s, including t three of his greatest inventions – phonographs, light bulbs and projectors. Also on display are autographed letters and articles used by Edison.
5) EDISON & H.FORD Hall : The battery car invented by Edison, “T” car by Ford, Henry and Grants Ham by HMV, phonograph company in England can be found here.


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Dear JB and JS,
Thanks for your documentation of the time spent in this wonderful museum. We truly see by this the power of one individual to change the world. It is simply astounding and appreciated the care one other person took to preserve this for the world. Much thanks.

Very interesting museum. I felt like I was right there. Thank you for sharing your amazing photos of this wonderful place.


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