Gangneung Gyeongpo Beach

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Located 1 km away from Gyeongpodae, Gyeongpo Beach is a sand bank formed between Gyeongpo Lake and the ocean. This beautiful beach extends to a length of 6 km and is covered with fine sand. It is a very well-known tourist attraction within Korea: a flawless combination of nature and cultural relics.

Gyeongpo Beach is famous for its picturesque sunrise and tranquil moonrise. There are other nearby attractions in the area, like the pine forest (4 km) and wild roses, which grow in various areas around the beach. Those who enjoy ocean fishing can take a boat to the mall rocks just off the beach. There is an endless line of tourists, who come to visit the ancient buildings with their incredible scenery, like Gyeongpodae and Ojukheon.
In the spring, the Festival of Cherry Blossoms is held at the entrance to Gyeongpo Beach and in the summer, the Beach Festival and other various cultural events are held. (Traditional Literary Event, Beach Dance Festival, etc.)



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