New KETOTOP Plaster Pain Relief Patch Ketoprofen patches DDS FDA, Zipper

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Made in Korea South, AMORE PACIFIC Co., Ltd. Foundation 1932

Expire date : 2019-4-6 or Better

Include: 34 Sheet x 1 Box

Package: Zipper pack, Size  4.5 x 3 inch

Composition: Ketoprofen 30 mg, 12 Hours Effect
  Clean and dry affected area, Remove the detaching layer and
  apply one sheet of this product over the affected part Two times a day.

Effects and Benefits: Knee pain, Waist pain, Muscle pain, Shoulder pain, Wrist pain 


1.This product should not be administered to the following patients.
1) Patients who ever showed hypersensitivity to this product or any ingredient of this product.
2) Patients with aspirin asthma (asthmatic attack by non-steroidal analgesic or anti-inflammatory drug)
or the history of the disease. (They may have asthmatic attack.)

2.This product should be carefully administered to the following patients.
1) Patients with bronchial asthma. (They may have asthmatic attack.)
2) Patients under medical treatment.
3.Adverse reactions
1) In rare cases, anaphylactic symptoms (hives, dyspnea, facial edema, etc.) may occur.
Therefore, if such symptoms occur, stop use of this product.
2) Asthmatic attack may occur. If early symptoms, such as rhonchus, stridulous, or dyspnea,
occur, immediately stop use of this product. Such asthmatic attack may occur in a few hours
after administration of this product.
3) Skin: Pigmentation, xeroderma, and contact dermatitis, such as flare, eruptive, itch, bleb,
maceration, irritation, and swelling, may occur. In addition, the direct ray of light (ultraviolet ray)
may cause photosensitization disease and the whole body may have rashes. Stop use of this product, if such symptoms are severe.
4.General precautions
1) Use of analgesic?anti-inflammatory drug is not a causal treatment, but a symptomatic therapy.
2) This product may cause inapparent skin infection. Therefore, if used for treatment of inflammation caused
by infection, be sure to use appropriate antibiotics or anti-fungal agents at the same time and to observe
carefully if there are any adverse reactions.
3) If this product is used for treatment of chronic diseases (such as degenerative arthritis (osteoarthritis),
consider other treatment method rather than drug therapy. In addition, be sure to observe carefully the patients
if there are any adverse reactions.
4) If there is no improvement when used for about 1 week, stop use of this product and consult the doctor or pharmacist.
5.Pregnant or nursing women
1) When this product was orally administered to rats at the late stage of pregnancy, contraction of
fetal arterial blood vessel was reported.
2) Administration of this product at the late stage of pregnancy (oral, injection, or rectal infusion)
was reported to result in continuous fetal circulation and fetal renal insufficiency.
3) Safety in pregnant and nursing women has not been established. So, massive or broad use of this product
for long-term period should be avoided for pregnant, gestational, and nursing women.

6.Pediatric use
Safety in premature babies, newborn babies, infants, and young children has not been established (only a few clinical cases).


1) Do not use this product to eyes or mucous membrane.
2) Administration of this product to damaged skin, mucous membrane, eczema, or eruption may result in temporary irritation or numbing.
3) Do not use this product for treatment of athlete’s foot or tinea.
4 )Do not use this product in the occlusive dressing manner.



Interesting product – even though the Cover Your A$$ “contra-indications” are so lengthy it’s tough to figure out which people could use it safely. I mean, most people in pain are under medical care. Still, good to know about it.
(Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
– ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
“It takes a village to educate a world!”


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