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Zelcom Tablets Flubendazole 500mg Anthelmintic Dewormer

Item: Zelcom Tablets Flubendazole 500mg Anthelmintic Dewormer Include : (1 Tablets / Box ) x 4 Boxes Expiration date: July/2022 or More Manual: Korean Manufacturer: ChongKun Dang Pharm, Korea(south) Shipping: Registered Mail (Tracking number, Insured)

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Zentel Anthelmintic tablets Human Anti Worms Dewormer

Item: Zentel Tablet 400mg Chewable 4 Tablet(2 Tabs/Box X 2 Boxes) EXP Sep/ 2022 or More, Korean Manual Zentel Tablet are indicated for the treatment of common worms, specifically deworming. It is designed to successfully clear threadworms, pinworms, roundworms, whipworms, tapeworms and hookworms from the gut and other tissues. It …

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Pain Relieving Patches

KEFENTECH Plaster Pain Relief Patches

Model: KEFENTECH Plaster Pain Relief Patches Size: 2.7 x 3.9 inch Made in Korea South, JEIL Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Foundation 1959 Expire date: Oct/2021 or Better Background Kefentech the sophisticated therapeutics for arthritis was developed By JEIL Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Korea. Kefentech is an effective and safe therapeutic plaster …

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TRAST Plaster Pain Relief Patch SK Chemical 48 HRS Joint Pain

The world’s first patch formulation to exhibit both anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Observable potent therapeutic efficacy without systemic side effects owing to local delivery of active ingredient from patch to lesion via skin layer. Indicated for the effective management of arthritis, myalgia, tennis elbow, and golfer’s elbow. over the counter …

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Pain Relieving Patch

KETOTOP Pain Relief Patches Ketoprofen

Effective and safe therapeutic plaster for arthritis without systemic side effects like G.I. troubles, hepatotoxicity or nephrotoxicity, and prolonged effect by constant drug delivery is another uniqueness of Ketotop Arthritis deformans Rheumatoid arthritis Neuralgia Periarthritis humelo-scapularis Tendinitis Peritendinitis Tennis elbow Muscular pain Contusion, Distorsion Model: Ketotop Plaster Pain Relieving Relief …

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Dog Cat Glucose Meter

Dog Cat Diabetic Blood Glucose meter GDH-FAD CareSens VETMATE + Teststrip 100

Model: CareSens VETMATE Dog Cat Glucose Meter+Teststrip 100 Sheets       ( Include: Caresens VETMATE Meter + Blood Glucose Test Strip 50 Sheet X 2 Box  + Lancing device + Lancet X 10 + Carrying case + Battery + Korea Manual  + English Manual by email  ) Design and Made by i-SENS, Korea South   …

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Disk Doctor

Disk Dr.WG50 Double Waist Disc Back Brace Lumbar Support Traction Belt

    Model: Disk Dr. WG50 Double   <- Click detail Information Design and Made by Changeui Medical, Korea   Effects and Benefits : Lower Back Pain Herniated Disc Bulging Disc Degenerative Disc Sciatica Spinal Stenosis Spondylolisthesis Spinal Decompression Lumbar acute / chronic pain Herniated disc patients before / after …

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Wireless Service Calling Systems 10 Small Pagers + 3 ID Display Receiver

Have you ever been in a restaurant where you are ready to place your order, but you can’t find waiter or waitless anywhere ? This Linkman wireless waiter/server call paging system is gonna solve your problem. Increase sales and improve service with easy to install plug & play and low …

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